KnowDrones educates the general public about drone attacks through this website and through cable television, internet and newspaper advertising opposing these attacks.

The goals of our counter-advertising media campaign are to: (1) urge drone operators to resist participating in military drone surveillance and killing; and (2) erode public support for the U.S. drone war program. 

Here are examples of our advertisements:

Knowdrones works in cooperation with the following and other groups: Brandywine Peace Community; CodePink; National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance; Upstate (NY) Drone Action; Veterans for Peace; Voices for Creative Non-Violence; WESPAC Foundation; World Beyond War; and World Can’t Wait.

An example of this collective work is the seminar organized by KnowDrones and Veterans for Peace in March 2016 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Law entitled, “Inside Drone Warfare: Perspectives of Whistleblowers, Families of Drone Victims and Their Lawyers.”  The seminar was held in Las Vegas because it is close to the Creech Air Force Base major drone control and training center. UNLV Speakers’ Concern Is Drone Warfare Fuels Hatred 

KnowDrones also advocates for  boycotting the products of Honeywell International, which is responsible for manufacturing the engines as well as the guidance and targeting equipment for the MQ-9 Reaper drone, the workhorse of U.S. drone war.  The firm also manufactures components for nuclear weapons.