You now have the chance to support a hard-hitting anti-colonialism/anti-war/anti-drone war public information television commercial campaign on CNN and MSNBC that will appear in two key U.S. drone assassination center communities – Syracuse, NY and Fort Smith, AR - year-round, beginning in August 2018.

This is a mass media effort to use television news networks to finally broadcast, consistently, the truth about killer drones. We will provide that news to the public. Every day.

You can be part of it. For just $50, you can pay for several commercial spots that will appear weekly in these communities – during prime morning and evening times – on Mondays and Tuesdays on national news networks CNN and MSNBC.  Of course, if $50 is beyond you means, we will be extremely grateful for any contribution you can afford.

Yes, this represents a change in our previous public information advertising strategy from transmitting a few short bursts of a large number of commercial spots several times a year to broadcasting fewer spots but every single week of entire year.   

We believe this approach will achieve a powerful frequency, constancy and predictability that will vastly increase the numbers of people in the communities supporting drone assassination centers so that they will become aware that:

  1. The U.S. is at war in various countries, killing thousands of men, women and children;

  2. These wars have to do with stealing resources from developing nations to profit obscenely-wealthy international investors;

  3. There is a connection between these wars and climate change; and that

  4. Drone surveillance and assassinations are an essential part of keeping these wars going.

None of this is covered by the mainstream press. So, we’ll cover it for them.

Over the course of the year, new public information commercial spots will be regularly introduced that make these points and begin to cement the idea that there is a need for cooperation over conflict if we are to meet human needs in the U.S, and around the world.

We have selected Syracuse, the home of the 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Air National Guard Base, because: (a) it is conducting attacks in Afghanistan, now entering its 18th year of war, and probably elsewhere; and (b) drone war training is being expanded at that base.

Fort Smith is the home of the 188th Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard, which appears to be unique in the scope of its mission. 

“Lt. Sam Grounds, 188th Wing executive staff officer, explained there are 90 wings in the Air National Guard across 54 states and territories. There are many wings in the Air Force as well with active duty personnel, but the 188th Wing is the only one with all three capabilities — analysis, flying and striking — under one roof.”

We believe the public information commercial spots will have a particularly significant impact in Fort Smith because it is a small community and one in which support for the military figures large.

Your contribution is needed to make this unique, progressive public information work. And as a bonus, it will be matched by an equivalent amount.

Please be part of this on-going, unique experiment in public outreach that is so critical to creating a new base of public understanding that rejects war for resources and drone surveillance and killing.