This is part of an international unified protest, calling for Global Action Against (Foreign) Military Bases and US Global Militarization in the month of October, called "It’s Time to Resist.” This is the first annual global day of action, to build a unified front against US foreign military bases and military aggression around the world. 95% of all the world’s foreign base are U.S. bases. Activists from countries in Italy, Germany, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and elsewhere will be participating in this months unified call to action in their own countries to protest the global military expansion of U.S. bases on their soil, against the will of the local people and in violation of their sovereign rights. October 7th is the focal point to draw attention to the 16 anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

IT'S TIME TO RESIST | Global day of action

This event is also part of another international call for to protest militarization in space, called, “Keep Space for Peace.” High tech US killer drones operated from Creech AFB are the main weapon of choice in the rapidly expanding so-called "cyber wars" propagated by the U.S. globally. “The terms Cyber Wars and Drone Wars, are serious misnomers," says organizer Toby Blomé. "This is not warfare at all. There is no battlefield. People and their friends and families are being killed while sleeping in their beds , while eating their meals, and while attending schools, mosques, wedding parties and funerals. Just as the victims of the Mandalay Bay's mass shooting on Oct. 1 had no warning of the terror that was going to reign down on them, so is the unannounced terror of US drone missiles and bombs. This is just cold-blooded murder.”

When: October 5-11, Twice Daily Vigils: 6-8am and 3-5 pm,

Where: At southeastern gate of Creech Air Force Base, State Hwy 95, Indian Springs, Nevada, as hundreds of airmen enter and exit the base daily during commute hrs. Creech is a major control center for US remote targeted killing by armed drones, including the Predator and Reaper drones. Thousands of innocent children have been killed by these drones.

What: Anti-drone activists will be converging from multiple states, as far away as Indiana, Arizona, California and Hawaii, to participate in a week long protest. Members participating include: CODEPINK, Women for Peace; Veterans for Peace and others. A direct action, where some activists will risk arrest to protest the war crimes of drone killing committed at Creech AFB will occur later in the week; Details to be announced later. Note: A Saturday action in Las Vegas is being planned that will tie in the terror of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting with the terror of ceaseless US Global Militarization. Details to be announced later.

Details of Vigil Themes:

Thurs. (10/5) AM: SHUT DOWN CREECH….STOP KILLER DRONES. Protestors will demand base conversion to a facility that serves people and supports human needs. Put an end to cyber warfare! Opening Day for a week of protest at Creech AFB, in participation of a global call to Action Against (Foreign) Military Bases:

IT'S TIME TO RESIST | Global day of action

Large banner: Stop Global Domination: No Foreign Bases, No Drone Bases!

Activists will begin to set up: "Victims of Terror" Altar: Victims of Mandalay Bay, and Victims of US bombs and Drone missiles will be memorialized in a public altar at the base entrance. “We mourn for victims of all forms of terrorism."

Thurs.(10/5) PM (and Tues. am): Honoring Other Countries and their People that the US is bombing by displaying flags from each of the nations. Specific countries include: Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Somalia. Some protestors will be wearing ethnic dress from these countries. Messages: "END ENDLESS WAR", "Respect National Sovereignty”, "Occupation is a Crime."

Friday (10/6) AM: Drone strike on Wedding Party. Re-enactment of wedding party drone attack at the base entrance. In the last 16 years the US has bombed numerous wedding parties, many by US drone missiles. To include a public reading of the details and tragic stories of the many wedding parties attacked by the US, to commemorate the victims and their loved ones that have been killed. Theme: END THE TERROR OF DRONE KILLING AND ENDLESS WARS. END the War in Afghanistan. 16 years too long! Chant: From "Mandalay Bay to Afghanistan, Stop the terror,

Take A Stand!" Friday PM: End the War in Afghanistan! 16 Years too long! Troops Home NOW! End the war and occupation on one of the very poorest countries of the world. US bombs and drone missiles have killed tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan. NO MORE TROOPS, BRING THEM HOME!

Saturday, October 7: Action in Las Vegas, details to be announced later. Activists will tie in the tragic act of violence and terror at the Mandalay Bay with the persistent and ceaseless violence and terror of US drone killing and endless wars. A handout will be available highlighting the similarities and differences between the Mandalay Bay mass shooting with the mass killings from US drone missiles and bombs…..but emphasis will be on the "ambiance of “terror” that embraces both. An altar for the victims of both will be displayed.

Mon. (10/9) AM: Funeral Procession with coffins to mourn the deaths of victims of US bombs. Procession along highway 95 at the entrance to Creech: Dressed in black, with white masks, carrying coffins with labels of each of the 7 + countries the US is bombing. "Victims of Terror" Altar: Victims of Mandalay Bay, and Victims of US bombs and Drone missiles will be memorialized in a public altar at the base entrance. “We mourn for victims of all forms of terrorism.” A handout will be available highlighting the differences and similarities between the terror of US drone attacks and bombing and the terror caused by mass shooting like Mandalay Bay that is so prevalent in US society.

Mon. PM: #ENOUGH! Support Afghan Peace Volunteers Activists to wear white clothing, with blue scarves to honor and support the many years of work the youth of Afghanistan have done to bring peace to their poor nation and to promote world peace. Their campaign here:

Tues. (10/10) AM: "DRONES ARE….” (Messages will include: Drone Warfare is Terrorism, Drone Strikes are War Crimes, Drones Make Enemies)

Tues. pm: Repeat: Honoring Other Countries and their People, that the US is bombing by displaying flags from each of the nations. (See Thurs., Oct. 5, am)

Wed. am: To Be Determined.

Wed. (10/11) PM: Last Splash: "MAKE JOY NOT WAR!" (Weds. afternoon…our last goodbye vigil) Colorful Chinese Ribbon Dancing on Wed. afternoon. Wearing colorful clothing, and using attractive and flowing colorful ribbons, and a positive message, activists will encourage Creech airmen to consider joining them on the side of peace, and for the Good of All.