We desperately need funds to keep our ground-breaking television commercial linking domestic cop killings of people of color and U.S. drone killings on CNN and other news networks. Please help us to keep airing this hard-hitting commercial that calls out the willingness of the majority of the U.S. population to accept the outright summary killing of people of color by police domestically and U.S. drone murders globally that are not about fighting terrorism, but are part of U.S. wars to grab resources on the cheap.

This TV spot is the latest in a series of commercials created by Knowdrones.com in collaboration with Cres Vellucci, of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 87. The commercials are being broadcast in prime and near prime time onMSNBC, CNN, FOX and other cable channels in communities hosting U.S. drone bases in an effort to appeal directly to drone operators in the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, Central Intelligence Agency and those working for private contractors, to not cooperate with or participate in drone killing or targeted bombing by conventional aircraft. 

In this latter regard, here is a link to one of our spots specifically addressing threats to attack North Korea and Trump's seeming desire to go to war.


Right now, we need to raise $19,000 to meet a $20,000 matching grant (we have met $1,000 of the $20,000).  We need this money immediately because without those contributions, we simply cannot continue to run these commercials which are informing and education the American public about the truth of drone killings internationally and race-based killings domestically. 

We understand only too well that your money and time may be extremely stretched in trying to stop the current administration's attacks on African-American, Hispanic and Muslim people, the destruction of the health care payment system and environmental protections, among other challenges. 

But we ask that you consider supporting these ads that are aimed directly at people pulling the triggers in drone killing, killing that is being planned and is occurring every day in our names.

The commercials carry a message that may create a restraint within one drone operator that could save one life.  Given the breadth of destruction of Hellfire missiles and 500 pound bombs carried by U.S. Reaper drones, now the workhorse of U.S. drone killing, this one moment of restraint would save many lives..

Please donate all you possibly can. We're counting on you to help stop the killing. Today.

Here are links to all the other ads that we have created in the last three years, all we need to keep broadcasting them is your help.