CODEPINK Drone Resistance Week at Creech AFB

  • Creech Air Force Base Indian Springs Drive Nevada, 89018 United States

Two days before the so-called “election” next month, please make an all-out effort to be with Code Pink at the gates Creech AFB outside Las Vegas to cast a vote you can be sure will have meaning, in the street, calling for a halt to U.S. drone attacks and an end to U.S. imperial wars.

If you need a nudge to be there, I just ran across the linked March 2016 article reporting that Lockheed Martin is expanding manufacturing of Hellfire missiles, “the signature weapon of Predator and Reaper drones”. Production of 500 lb Paveway bombs, carried by Reapers, is also increasing. Both munitions are used by other aircraft as well, but it is clear that drone war is intensifying.

And the article says: “With top military officials predicting that the ISIS campaign will run for years, demand for missiles and bombs is expected to remain high.”

This of course does not speak to the continuing U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Indeed, as the NYTimes reports, the U.S. is expanding its war in Somalia. The Times seems to have stopped referring to “drone” attacks, lumping them into what, for the government, seems to be a more comfortable blanket term - “airstrikes”. The Pentagon apparently sees further need of sanitizing, according to the Times, sometimes referring to the air attacks as “self-defense strikes.”