In the face of the blackout in the Presidential campaigns of any debate over the growing U.S. violent interventions and suffering in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Libya, anti-war organizers are planning a presence at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (July 18 - 21) and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (July 25 – 28).

Codepink, the United National Anti-war Coalition (UNAC) and World Can’t Wait (WCW), will be in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Brandywine Peace Community, and WCW will have at least three drone replicas in Philadelphia along with death masks, T-shirts and other forms of protest.

One of the messages of protest under consideration:

    “Dismantle the Empire…Killer Drones First”.

If you plan to attend either of the conventions and can join us in leafleting delegates and in other projects please RSVP right away as we need to know how many people we can count on. Contact: