- Joan Pleune, speaking at the counter-drone war convergence in Syracuse, NY on April 27.  She was arrested the following day with 30 others protesting Reaper drone operations at Hancock Air Base outside Syracuse.

April Days Syracuse NY Protests

Three hundred anti-drone war marchers approach Hancock Field drone control base near Syracuse, NY on April 28, 2013. Photo by Stephen D. Cannerelli (Syracuse Post Standard)

The April Days of Action campaign brought forth an unprecedented concentration of activity across the United States to end drone warfare and drone spying.

Please take time to check through the photos and descriptions of April actions  that are evidence of tremendous commitment of time, money and imagination by hundreds and hundreds of people across the country who are determined to stop drone killing and drone violation of basic human rights.

As we go forward, please keep in mind the words of Joan Pleune, above, and please continue to list the counter-drone actions that you are planning here and see the actions being planned around the country by clicking here.

To help with counter-drone education, KnowDrones.com is developing an expanded list of resources, in addition to those listed below. We will endeavor to systematically address the following areas:

- Current U.S. Drone Attack and Surveillance Operations Overseas.
- The Future of Drone Technology and Capability to Kill and Spy.
- Drone Operations in the US.
- Drones, the Race for What's Left and Permanent War.
- Is Military High-Tech an Economic Lifesaver?
- Drones and Repression in the US.
- Responding to Frequently Asked Questions.
- Artists Act to Stop Drone Warfare and Spying.

Within the next few weeks, the Network to Stop Drone Surveillance and Warfare, which originated the April Days of Action, will be making suggestions for new initiatives in counter-drone activity, which, based on a preliminary discussion, will include concerted outreach to people in their teens and twenties, on and off campuses.

Please send your suggestions for next steps to nickmottern@earthlink.net

Thanks to all who made the April Days so powerful.

Drones 037

With banners and placards conveying virtually every key message on drone attacks and spying, an enthusiastic crown gathers on April 4, 2013 in San Diego, California as they begin four days of counter-drone events, part of the nationwide, April Days of Action. (Click on the image to enlarge.) Photo by Dave Patterson