You may be coming to this website not knowing much about drone war.  Or you may be a drone operator and know a great deal.  

Whatever your knowledge or experience, we hope that what you find here will help you understand that drone war – intensive, long-term aerial surveillance and killing by the military or police - is not about “fighting terrorism”.

Instead, we will expose drone war as a new, extremely powerful, illegal process of repression and control being developed by the United States and other governments as our “leaders” compete to exploit human and material resources around the world.  Its primary victims are poor, people of color who have no defense against drone attack.

This is a time when the vast majority of us humans crave more freedom and more cooperation, not more killing.  We hope to persuasively explain why there is no place for drone war in Earth’s future.


Please contribute to placing this commercial on television networks around the U.S., particularly those in communities such as Las Vegas and Syracuse, NY, which are near major U.S. drone control centers. We have been given a $10,000 matching grant to do this. Please contribute now to help us meet that grant, and to get this campaign underway. It's a matter of life. And death. Help spread the word!