In 2017, Knowdrones and Veterans for Peace Chapter 87 will broadcast two new cable TV advertisements on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews and other networks in communities in which there are drone control bases, focusing in particular on Las Vegas, near Creech AFB, possibly the most important drone control and training base in the U.S., and Syracuse, NY, next to Hancock Air National Guard base, where attacks are executed against people in Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan.

One of the advertisements will be aimed at drone operators and the other the general public:


We believe we must undertake this ad campaign because: (1) U.S. drone attacks receive virtually no coverage in the mass press; and (2) the president and the U.S. Congress have been so completely supportive of drone attacks that we must appeal directly to drone operators to bring an end to the drone killing.

We depend completely on your support to keep this campaign going and to enable us to advertise in as many drone base communities as possible.