Brian Terrell sends this inspiring correction to the May 9, 2019 Drone Organizers Bulletin article asserting that there have been 16 drone war protest arrests so far in 2019:

Thank you for today's Drone War Organizers Bulletin. There have actually been at 20 arrests at drone bases so far this year.

On April 17, 2019, four of us on the Nevada Desert Experience's Sacred Peace Walk were arrested for 'unlawful assembly' at Creech AFB. Sady Lindberg, Brianna Florian, George Killingsworth and I blocked the morning traffic into the base.

Apologies for not spreading the news more effectively, but Creech was a stop along our way walking from Las Vegas to the nuclear test site, where two days later 33 of us were arrested, 8 of us taken to jail in Pahrump.

John Amidon made a short video of the April 17 event, 

 I don't know if it has always been so, but listening to the warning by the Las Vegas Metro Police this time, the warning to disperse from an unlawful assembly was addressed to 'all gathered at Creech Air Force Base,' which should obviously include the drone pilots, sensor operators, military police and even the Metro Police themselves. There is no question that there was an unlawful assembly at Creech that morning, but one more time, the police did not arrest the perpetrators but only those who were there trying to stop the unlawful assembly! 

April 9, 2009, was the first nonviolent direct action at Creech, the first anywhere resisting drone murders. I was among the 14 arrested there ten years before. I believe that this was my 11th arrest at Creech in the decade since.

On a more serious note, another drone protester and whistle blower was arrested just oday. 

Many of us met Daniel Hale in 2013 at Code Pink's Drone Conference in Washington. He was an intelligence analyst, identifying targets in the drone program in the Air Force, in the NSA and as a contractor. Daniel is charged with leaking classified documents and faces 50 years in prison.

In solidarity and love,
Brian Terrell