Dear Anti-War Comrades:

On Tuesday, February 26, Richie and Stephanie, of World Can’t Wait, and I leafleted customers entering and leaving the Whole Foods Market at 250 Seventh Avenue in New York City, informing them that Amazon, owner of the Whole Foods chain, is seeking a $10 billion Pentagon JEDI* contract to build a global surveillance and targeting system that, the Pentagon says, will greatly increase the “lethality” of the U.S. military.

The technological path for the use of artificial intelligence in sorting huge amounts of data for surveillance and targeting that Amazon wants to do has been opened in the development of U.S. drone warfare and over the blood of the thousands who have been killed by U.S. drones.

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The content of our leaflet, which is attached, was news to everyone with whom we spoke.  Indeed, a surprising number of people did stop to ask questions and talk in spite of the temperature, which was in the upper 20s.  All with whom we talked knew about Amazon’s aborted attempt to shake down New York state taxpayers for $3 billion in subsidies to build an office in New York City, and most disliked Amazon for it and Amazon’s destruction of smaller businesses.  No one knew anything about Amazon’s ambition to profit from intimidation and war.

Some with whom we spoke asked if they should boycott Whole Foods, doubtless seeing the contradiction in Amazon wanting to sell “lethality” and also wholesome food.  We said that was up to them, that at this point we are simply sending a message to Amazon/Whole Foods customers and management that there is a movement afoot to support Amazon tech workers whom we believe may object to Amazon’s doing war work.  A number of Amazon tech workers have already called for Amazon to stop trying to sell facial recognition equipment to ICE and other policing agencies. 

The attached leaflet gives further information on the initial revolt of Google workers that made Google bosses drop their bid for the Pentagon “brain” job and the growing, historic uprising against war work within the high-tech community -- there is now movement afoot at Microsoft as well.

Please sign this RootsAction petition in support of Amazon workers resisting working on war

and please make plans to leaflet Whole Foods within the next few weeks if you have one in your area.  And, if you have time, please let us know what response you get.  And please, spread the word.

In solidarity, and thanks,

Nick Mottern –

*JEDI is the acronym for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure.  For more information on this project and Amazon’s bid for it, please read this article that I wrote for