In 2012, I was a member of a delegation which visited Pakistan to learn the effects of combat drones first-hand.  Their stories and pictures had a profound effect on me, and motivated me to do something to memorialize the lives of those killed, injured, and displaced by U.S. drone attacks. Each quilt is made of 36 blocks, made individually by adults and children, and contain either the name of someone who was killed by a drone, or it says something like “name unknown,” or “beloved child,” to represent the 80% of victims whose names we do not know.

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The DQP consists of 3 parts:  the quilts, informational posters, and a handout with lists of resources and actions.  Since its first showing in August 2013 at the Veterans For Peace convention in Madison Wisconsin, the DQP has been shown in over 50 locations around the country.  Currently there are 13 quilts and 3 sets of posters, so the exhibit may be shown in more than one city at once.  Usually the exhibit shows 4 quilts, but can fewer or more.

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I am looking for exhibit hosts!  The responsibilities are not onerous.  The biggest part of the job is to find a venue.  The DQP has been exhibited in a wide range of locations:  libraries, peace houses, churches, and even a bank!  The only cost to you, is the cost to ship the exhibit from your town to the next town.  They will be shipped to you at the previous exhibitor’s expense.  The shipping cost varies depending on the number of quilts, but is usually $75 or so.  If the cost is a hardship, the project can take care of it.

The project was designed to educate the public and honor the victims, but it doesn’t do anything at all when the quilts are folded up and in my laundry room, like several of them are now!  Please consider hosting the DQP exhibit!  More information may be found on the DQP website: dronesquiltproject.wordpress.com.  If you have any questions, please contact me, Leah Bolger, leahbolger@comcast.net or 541-207-7761.