Shut Down Creech

The first SHUT DOWN CREECH protest gathering at Creech AFB drone control center in the Trump Administration will be held April 23 – 29, 2017.

Vigils are planned during commuting hours at the base from April 24 – 28.  (Organizers are asking that those who can only stay for a shorter time to participate in largest mobilization and resistance April 25 – 27.)  Plans are being made to show the film National Bird on the evening of April 27).  For more details see:

In addition, there will be trials of Toby Blome, on April 24, and Christian Stalberg, on April 25, on charges of disturbing the peace.  They were among five people arrested at the gate of Creech on November 10, 2016 as they attempted a symbolic arrest of the base commander, Col. Case Cunningham for “Crimes Against Humanity.”

Michael Kerr’s charges were dropped.  Linda Sartor and Joseba Zulaika have had court hearings, but the disposition of the cases it is not known at this writing.

Here is a detailed report of the November Creech action and other events of the protest week.