Cable TV Ads Attract Drone Operators

Between January 19 and 30, 2017, and Veterans for Peace Chapter 87 ran two 15-second counter-drone warfare cable TV ads on such channels as CNN, MSNBC and Fox in Las Vegas, NV; Syracuse, NY; and Alamogordo, NM, all communities near major U.S. killer drone installations.

The advertising was focused on these communities in order to increase the probability of its reaching the consciences and concerns of drone operators, their families and friends, as well as the general public whose lives are connected economically, culturally and politically to the drone bases. The TV ads urged viewers to visit the

The advertising was timed to begin before January 20, Inauguration Day, to extend over the weekend and go into the following week, a time when viewership was undoubtedly higher than normal for that period.  This was ALSO a good time to test the impact of the TV ads because the Knowdrones site was not being promoted for several weeks before January 19 because it was being renovated.

An analysis of traffic to the website based on data from Squarespace and TypePad, Knowdrones’ current and previous web providers, and Google Analytics shows that:

  • Traffic to the website during the advertising reached a peak on Jan. 26 of more than 146 page views, compared to an average of 19 page views one week prior to January 19.
  • While the homepage drew the most attention (56%), the next most popular page dealt with drone operators’ issues (8%).
  • About 5 percent of visitors came from Las Vegas/Henderson NV, near the major Creech AFB drone control center; 2% came from Syracuse, near Hancock Air National Guard drone control center.
  • About 80 percent of those visiting the website were new visitors.

During the test period about 60 of the ads ran in each of the three communities, and Cres Vellucci, an advertising specialist and Veterans for Peace member who helps create the ads and book them, estimates that the ads were seen by tens of thousands of people in the three communities combined.