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With the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS, we anti-war workers are confronted again by the reality of hideous acts that for most of the U.S. public constitute a legitimate reason for the United States to expand its new war in Iraq and Syria.

These murders and the wide publicity given to them may well be the greatest obstacle to anti-war organizing that we face right now.

Debra Sweet has offered these links to readings about ISIS believing that we must educate ourselves to effectively respond.

Interview with Larry Everest on Iraq, ISIS, the US Empire and the Anti-War Movement

Unthinkable Thoughts in the Debate About ISIS in Iraq

As Obama Considers Drone Strikes in Iraq, Could U.S. Military Action Worsen Sectarian Conflict?

How do you, as an anti-war worker, respond to people who say:  “We have to eradicate ISIS; look what they are doing?”  

Please share your response and information sources that you find useful.  Write to:  We need to hear from you.