At the anti-war display in Philadelphia we met Dr. Satinath Choudhary who suggested a global campaign to end production of weapons of war, an idea that is intriguing because in its simplicity and scope. He proposes that walk-a-thons be part of the campaign.

Dr. Choudhary, formerly a teacher of computer science at Lincoln University, explains his idea in the following email:

Let us issue a call for: A worldwide embargo on use, production and trade and phased destruction (WEUPTPD) of all Weapons of War (WoW), including drones, nuclear weapons, etc.

In addition to drastic reduction in the death and destruction committed with WoW, imagine what we can do with all of the money and manpower (and woman-power) saved from those wasted on research and production of WoW? It (the resources) could be used towards free health care, free college education, affordable housing, guaranteed basic income etc., for all, practically all the good/desirable things we can think of. So, why not make a call against all WoW?

Some may argue that it will never happen, and hence it is futile to try! Did the people who opposed exploitation of 99% by 1% worry about whether it would ever happen or not? If they had worried about it Occupy Wall Street (OWS) would never have happened! We need to call for what is right without worrying about whether it will/can happen to not!

Some suggest scaling down the demand to nuclear disarmament first; or demand stoppage of the use of drones first; when that is accomplished we would make further demands! It reminds me of smoking. Stopping smoking cold turkey is known to be the most effective method of quitting smoking. Likewise, a move towards total disarmament is likely to be the best way for achieving the same rather than demand for a phased reduction in arms.

Call by OWS to stop exploitation of the 99% by the 1% reverberated around the world and the slogan almost propelled Bernie to capture Presidency of the USA. Likewise the said call against WoW may go viral and some enlightened person(s) or group(s) may use the slogan to towards benefit for all of us!

So let’s do it! Let us issue a call against all WoW, starting with the USA, as it is the most powerful country in the world today. If any other country does not follow the suit, the rest of the world may put embargo on all trade and communication against the recalcitrant country or countries, thus forcing the latter to tread the saner path!

If we do start Occupy WoW (movement against WoW), perhaps there would be no better time and place to start the same than on September 17, 2016, the fifth anniversary of the launch of OWS of 2011, at Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of OWS! We could think of discussing how to convert the said call into a movement and pros and cons of such a call or movement (if one can find any cons). Possibly we could think of pitching tents like those during OWS, but this time preferably in places not prohibited by the authorities. We could even think of other activities like an indefinite relay walkathon (in circles including roller skating, hover skating, skateboarding, etc.,) against all WoW! Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in front of the UN would probably be one of the most suitable places for the envisioned walkathon as the said call would be for all countries to follow! Pitching tents somewhere in NYC (possibly by the Westside Highway, somewhere between 59th street and GW Bridge. I think an Occupy in NYC would be strategically very important. 

We can probably discuss the goal(s) and strategies to accomplish the same in a Google or Yahoo list-serve that would include names of all those willing to be included. I am sending this letter to all those whose contact information I was able to get in the recent peace activities in Philadelphia and Horsham. (Horsham, PA, is the site of a newly opened drone control center. Vigils calling for closure of the center are held there the last Saturday of each month.)

Please be in touch with Dr. Choudhary if you would like join in this effort: