On September 21, five drone protesters were arrested for blocking the gate of the Hancock Air National Guard base outside Syracuse, NY in a witness that included placing figures of drone victims in the main driveway into the base. 

All of the protesters have been arrested before at Hancock.  Ed Kinane, who thinks that this is his sixth Hancock arrest, asked that special mention be made of Dan Bergavin, one of those arrested, “our propster artist exraordinaire” who created the figures of the drone victims used to block the driveway.

The following report is from Ellen Grady; video by John Amidon.

Drones Kill Children--Hancock Drone Base Gates Closed         

This morning, Monday, September 21, members of the grassroots human rights coalition, Upstate (NY) Drone Action Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars were arrested for closing the main gate of Hancock Airfield to call a halt to the US weaponized drone program operated out of Hancock, in the Town of Dewitt north and east of Syracuse, NY, by the 174thAttack Wing of the NYS Air National Guard.   Hancock is home to “hunter/killer” (the Pentagon’s phrase) MQ9 Reaper drone.  The theme of today’s event was:  Drones Kill Children. 

Those arrested include Dan Bergavin and James Ricks of Ithaca and Ed Kinane, Bonny Mahoney and Julienne Oldfield of Syracuse, who held signs reading “Drones Kill Children” behind wooden figures of drone victims, including dead and dying children. The activists stated at the gates, "We U.S. citizens and taxpayers look on with horror at the millions of refugees fleeing airborne terror and are shamed by our unconsented complicity."

This action is held on the UN General Assembly-designated International World Day of Peace, to bring attention to the US weaponized drone program that not only kills and maims humans, but also destroys homes, displaces and terrorizes whole communities, and perpetuates endless war.

Today’s event is one of a number of Upstate Drone Action’s persistent nonviolent campaign to expose the Hancock war crimes.   On March 19, 2015, Upstate Drone Action shut the main Hancock gate with giant books—the UN Charter, Dirty Wars by Jeremy Sahill, Living Under Drones (NYU and Stanford Law Schools), and You Never Die Twice (Reprieve).

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