This just in from Elsa Rassbach in Germany:

1) Outreach campaign aimed at all the political parties in the German Parliament (Bundestag)

All German political parties are on record as opposing the US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Africa. However, the ruling CDU and SPD have so far mostly remained silent in the face of recent revelations of the key role of Ramstein in these strikes.

Our lobbying campaign has just begun and will extend until at least next year. 

We are finding that our US Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel on Ramstein is a most effective "door opener":

A German translation of the letter has been sent to all the members of the following committees in the Bundestag: defense, foreign policy, human rights, and NSA investigation.

The Left Party group in the Bundestag will be publishing the letter in their new brochure on drones. 

2) Demonstration at Ramstein Air Base on September 26thThere will be a demonstration at Ramstein Air Base on Saturday, September 26th, beginning at noon.

It will be preceded by a conference on September 25th. (Sorry but the website for the demonstration is presently only in German.) 

Almost all of the German peace movement now sees Ramstein as a key issue, but there are some differences on how best to work together. The demonstration on the 26th is supported by a number of key activists in the German peace movement and is an important initiative. 

Solidarity actions and media efforts in the US on September 25th or 26th would be most welcome!

(I mention September 25th only because of the time difference -- it is between 6 and 9 hours earlier in the US than here, so actions on the 26th in the US will be after the demo takes place in Germany.)

A solidarity statement from US organizations and activists would also be good. 

Would any of you like to work together with me on drafting such a statement?

The demo organizers requested a statement from Medea Benjamin for their newspaper.  Here's her statement in English:

"The protests against Ramstein Air Base could play an important role in ending US drone strikes that are terrorizing and killing so many innocent people. The US Satellite Relay Station in Ramstein is essential for all US drone strikes in the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia. These drone strikes violate international and German law, and Ramstein is under legal jurisdiction of the Federal Government of Germany. Your demand that your government stop the illegal US drone killings brings hope to people in the US and around the world who have long struggled to end these war crimes. Thank you!"

In solidarity,