The following announcement from Toby Blome

Bay Area CODEPINK has been returning annually to Creech AFB in Nevada since 2009 to resist drone warfare.  Creech is the most important center for the United States' illegal and brutal targeted killing operations by drones, and it is where hundreds of children from Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere have been murdered remotely under the top command of the CIA.  This October we are trying something new.  The drone resistance movement is growing worldwide and after such a successful collaborative action during last year's SHUT DOWN CREECH, CODEPINK is organizing a two phase extended action at Creech this October.  In the first phase we are inviting activists from all organizations for a mass 3 DAY Mobilization.  The second phase will be a women only CODEPINK Retreat and Drone Resistance Week.  We hope you will join us for one of these actions, and, of course, women are encouraged to join both, if able.  

And mark your 2016 calendars:

2nd Annual SHUT DOWN CREECH:  

Week of March 27-April 2, 2016:   Big Days of Action, Wed.-Fri.,  Mar. 30 to Apr. 1.

Please watch 24 min. video from last March at Creech:

I.   CALL for MASS ACTION - Oct. 20-24  (Tues. eve. to Sat. am)

CODEPINK is calling on activists from across the country to unite in 3 days of mass action at Creech AFB.  Base camp:  At our beautiful "Goddess Temple" grounds.  A new outdoor pavilion with tables and shaded covering has just been built to make our stay even more joyful!  Check it out here:

Mostly tent camping, limited beds in guest house (early reservations a must).  Access to kitchen for shared meals.  All participants will contribute to meal planning, preparation and clean-up in good ol' "community spirit.”   

Please let us know ASAP,  (preferably by August 31), so we can move forward.  Eleanor will coordinate ride sharing.

II.  CODEPINK WOMEN’S RETREAT & DRONE RESISTANCE WEEK - Oct. 24-Nov. 1  (Sat. noon to Sun. am)

This will be a women only gathering of military base activists, staying at the Goddess Temple Guest House. 

(To incl. beds for almost everyone).


Engage in creative & joyful strategizing for peace with your sisters while enjoying the beauty of the desert. 

Participate in morning and evening weekday vigils at the entrance to Creech AFB. 

Provide Courtroom Support for SHUT DOWN CREECH 2015 defendants at their Las Vegas trials (October 26-28).  

At this time, trials are scheduled in the afternoons. We will carpool into Las Vegas. 

Space is limited to 20 women.  Please reply asap if you are interested.  

Let us know by August 31st what days/nights you’d like to join us.

IMPORTANT:  Please wait for confirmation from us BEFORE purchasing tickets.

Eleanor will coordinate ride sharing.