On Saturday, June 27, another monthly vigil will be held by Brandywine Peace Community in opposition to the establishment of a drone control center at the Air National Guard base in Horsham PA, starting at 2 pm at the intersection of Route 611 and County Road.

For more than a year, Daniel Riehl has been organizing Mennonites from the Lancaster, PA area to drive 75 miles every month to the vigil. H.A. Penner, also a Mennonite, has formed an interfaith group to address the Pennsylvania state government about its role in drone war, not only in relation to Horsham but the operation of Shadow drones at Fort Indian Town Gap.

Drone war will also be addressed by the Mennonite Church USA Assembly when it gathers from June 30 to July 5 in Kansas City, MO.  The assembly will consider “The Faithful Witness Amid Endless War Resolution” that “calls for a recommitment to the way of peace and a rejection of mechanized (drone) warfare technologies.”

The level of concern about drone war among Mennonites is evidenced in the efforts of Titus Peachey, Peace Education Director of the Mennonite Central Committee, to arrange for a drone replica to be brought to Kansas City. After exploring a number of alternatives for the replica’s transport, Titus organized a relay in which Mary Jo Berner will bring her replica from her Many Ways to Peace center in Eagle River, WI, to Matt Morin in Milwaukee who will take it in his minivan, with his wife and two children, to Kansas City.

Here is an excellent article on drone war by Issac S. Villegas, pastor of the Chapel Hill (NC) Mennonite Fellowship and a member of the executive board of the Mennonite Church USA. - comment-85766