A 15-second television ad condemning United States drone attacks and urging "Drone Pilots. Please Refuse to Fly. No one has to obey an immoral law." will begin appearing on May 25 in metropolitan Syracuse, NY on FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, TWNS and on YES Network during Yankees games, sponsored by the Syracuse Peace Council, Upstate Drone Action and

The commercials show images from drone operations video screens, an explosion, civilians searching through rubble after the drone attack and state: "Thousands, including women and children, have been murdered by US Drones."

The sponsors of the ads wanted to run a more graphic version in Syracuse showing images of children killed and mutilated by drones, but Time-Warner Cable, the cable provider in the Syracuse area, has refused to permit this version to appear even though Comcast and Cox cable providers ran this version after 10 pm in northern California and Las Vegas. 

The sponsors intend to run the ads next in the area around the Niagara Falls drone control center and then around Whiteman AFB in Missouri.

Please contribute to the ads and spread this appeal.  Contributions can be made on line at or be sent by check, made out to: Information in the Public Interest, 471 Lovella Way, Sacramento, CA, 95819.  For more information see: