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Protesters at Hancock Air Base outside Syracuse, NY kick off the US campaign to urge the German government to order the closure of the US drone satellite relay station at Ramstein Air Base. Photo by Carol Baum.

Thanks largely to the work of Elsa Rassbach, of Code Pink Germany, and Judy Bello, of Upstate (NY) Drone Action, a campaign has sprung up in the US like crocuses to press the government of Germany to order the closure of the US drone satellite relay station at Ramstein Air Base, a station that is central to US drone attacks globally.

The first vigil in the campaign, featuring signs in English and German - “Stoppt den US-Drohnen-Krieg via Ramstein” (Stop U.S. Drone Warfare Via Ramstein) -was held on May 21 at the main entrance to the Hancock Air National Guard Air Field drone control center outside Syracuse, where drone attacks are conducted against people of Afghanistan in what is possibly the most intensive drone surveillance and attack operation now underway.

On May 26, similar vigils are being held in: Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Little Falls, MN; and possibly more communities.  For times and sites of the vigils scroll through this blog provided by Judy:

Also, please sign this Roots Action petition, which provides important background information:

As the petition indicates, the US Ramstein campaign is part of an effort launched by anti-drone war organizers in Germany who are rallying around the court case of Faisal bin Ali Jaber that will open on May 27 in Cologne, Germany; he lost a brother-in-law and nephew in 2012 to a US drone attack.  His suit seeks to force the German government act to close the Ramstein relay station under a provision of German law that allows people to seek redress if they have suffered harm from activities generated on German soil, in this case drone execution without due process.