On April 28, 2015, 16 people were arrested at a drone protest at Beale AFB in northern California.  Included was Kathy Kelly, who had been released from Federal prison days earlier after a three-month sentence for her drone protest at Whiteman AFB in Missouri in 2014.

All were released, and it is not clear when or if charges will be filed on misdemeanor trespass charges.  Cres Vellucci, of Veterans for Peace, reports that the US Attorney in Sacramento has not filed charges against protesters arrested at Beale for more than a year “ever since, coincidentally, I was arrested with a bunch of veterans a year ago April.”  He says if charges are filed, it usually does not happen for 45 to 60 days.

The protesters were arrested attempting to deliver a letter to Col. Douglas J. Lee, Commander of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, asking him “and other military and civilian leaders to end your participation in the US drone warfare program and begin to work for peace.”

See video of the arrests here:

(Activists dragged away by Air Police)  https://youtu.be/JXLVYF1Ppmg

(Drone protesters debate Air Force)  http://youtu.be/YfYqTAZCKq8

(Gates Blocked, long line of cars)    http://youtu.be/PRPNhFPFDyE