People from across the country are making plans to be at Creech AFB outside Las Vegas, NV from Mar. 4 – 6 for the “Shut Down Creech!” anti-drone war protests.  This is an extremely important place to be if you can possibly make it.

Creech is a key center for the control of drone attacks and the training of drone operators.  Creech, along with Beale AFB in California and Cannon AFB in New Mexico, have more drone operators than other drone bases, according to 2014 report from the Government Accountability Office

“Shutdown Creech” comes at a very critical time when drone operators are under increasing physical and emotional stress because of new missions being laid on in the growing U.S. war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, coming on top of sustaining drone attack levels in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  U.S. drones are also believed to be attacking in Libya and possibly other places in Africa.

RT (Russian Television) reports on the pilot-stress situation, including an interview in the second clip with former drone operator Brandon Bryant: jBi_bxw4&  and

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