From March 18 through 21 people will be gathering in Washington for “Spring Rising – An anti-war intervention in DC”.

The idea for this marshaling of anti-war sentiment comes from Cindy Sheehan and from a call by Malachy Kilbride for a national mobilization that, hopefully, will peg the United States wars and militarism as a national issue that must be addressed.

The need, Malachy told me, is to “do something that will point the finger at the war machine, our lives and they way they are because of this war machine.  Beside all of that, these wars are wrong and they are destroying our planet.” 

He thinks it is critical to elevate the war issue now before the national focus shifts more and more to the 2016 election and a Presidential run by Hillary Clinton.

Over the four-day event there will be:
- Visits to Congressional offices organized by CODEPINK.
- A war criminals bus tour organized by Cindy, visiting government and corporate offices in DC.
- A teach-in organized by Debra Sweet, director of World Can’t Wait.
- And a rally and march, to include the White House, organized by ANSWER.

Some groups are already organizing buses.  If you are not able to attend, please  create events where you are calling for a halt to the U.S. air war, drone attacks, U.S. targeted killing in all forms and U.S. occupation.

For detailed information on “Spring Rising”: