Brian Terrell

Brian Terrell participated in the first protests against killing by remote control in 2009, shortly after newly-elected President Obama made assassination by Predator and Reaper drones the cornerstone of his military policy. Since his arrest at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada that spring, Brian has participated in nonviolent protests around the country and abroad as this deadly technology has been proliferating. At these protests he has been arrested many times, serving jail sentences in New York and Nevada and in 2013, he spent six months in federal prison for presenting a petition at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. As a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, he has traveled to Iraq and made several visits to Afghanistan and has met with drone victims there. He has spoken about drones at universities, high schools, churches and rallies in the United States, Europe and Asia and his writings on the subject have been widely published and translated into several languages. A peace activist for more than 40 years, Brian lives on a Catholic Worker farm in Maloy, Iowa, and is on the Nevada Desert Experience Council.   Contact him at

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