You may be coming to this website not knowing much about drone war.  Or you may be a drone operator and know a great deal.  

Whatever your knowledge or experience, we hope that what you find here will help you understand that drone war – intensive, long-term aerial surveillance and killing by the military or police - is not about “fighting terrorism”.

Instead, we will expose drone war as a new, extremely powerful, illegal process of repression and control being developed by the United States and other governments as our “leaders” compete to exploit human and material resources around the world.  Its primary victims are poor, people of color who have no defense against drone attack.

This is a time when the vast majority of us humans crave more freedom and more cooperation, not more killing.  We hope to persuasively explain why there is no place for drone war in Earth’s future.

YEMEN The U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in its effort to control the Yemeni people extends back at least to 2001 and is related to the dependency of U.S. oil corporations and politicians on Saudi Arabia’s willingness to regulate the amount of oil it pumps so as to control prices on the world oil market in such a way as to maximize corporate profit while stopping short of backlash by the U.S. public. In July, 2018, President Trump called on Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, leading up to the 2018 mid-term elections.

AFGHANISTAN – That the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is related to the wealth of minerals there is supported not only by the General Petraeus video commentary in our ad but also other sources, such as this article from the New York Times.

GLOBAL WARMING – Our ads close with scenes engulfed in blazing sun, signifying global warming and its connection to increased consumption of oil products and the plunder of other resources, such as mineral, agricultural land and water.  The US military operations involved in resource plunder, which is the goal of all current US wars, add massively to global warming, as documented in the linked report by Charles Bowman, of the Western New York Peace Center.